Inorganic Pigments

Cathay Industries provides a large number of colour pigments and preparations, both organic and inorganic, and ranging in purity and colourant applications.


    CATHAYCOAT is Cathay Industries’ premium range of coatings grade iron oxides, made for top coating and fine-quality products like paints, plastics, and paper. CATHAYCOAT is made using advanced environmentally-safe production techniques, and comes in several grades:

    • Micronized A Grades – tailored for premium applications, A-grade iron oxides have excellent dispersing properties, it can be used directly for high-speed dispersing without further milling. Thereby saving time, energy and labour during the production of paints, dispersions, and final products.
    • Low Viscosity (LV) Yellow – a unique yellow pigment providing extra low viscosity in the final dispersion even at the highest pigment loading.
    • Standard S Grades – a standard grade for most applications, including paints, plastics, paper, and dispersions, offering high quality at an attractive price point.
    • Economical C Grades – an economical pigment range for coating applications, providing an excellent cost-to-performance ratio.
    • Primer Grades – red pigments providing high hiding power, easy dispersion, and high tinting strength for primer paint applications.
    • Heat Stable – two mixed metals oxide types, Manganese Ferrite and Zinc Ferrite. Both are made with high-temperature calcination and are heat stable for use in applications with temperature changes.
    • High Chroma Reds – High Chroma Red pigments with excellent hydrophilic properties which allow for brighter colour, these pigments are easily dispersible in both water-based systems and VOC free systems, with low oil absorption and viscosity, and elevated gloss.
    • Chrome Oxide Green – non-toxic and environmentally friendly inorganic green pigments with high opacity, durability, and light-fastness.
    • Umber (Burnt and Raw) - Cathay Industries’ burnt and raw umber pigments are semi-transparent, making them ideal for use in wood and furniture stains.

    CATHAY INDUSTRIES has developed a new class of high performance Red Iron Oxide Pigments specifically designed for the paint and coatings industries. The CATHAYRED product line encompasses a wide range of high performance precipitated reds with a unique Hue and Chroma from salmon to dark red and blue shades, that can effectively match the previously unattainable colour space of Copperas Reds produced by thermal decomposition of ferrous sulphate.

    CATHAYRED High Chroma Reds are highly micronized and can be dispersed effortlessly in both water based and VOC free systems. The pigments provide cost-effective advantages over other normal red iron oxides and can be well-dispersed in a simplified process using High Speed Dispersers thereby eliminating the use of expensive dispersant additives and pre-dispersed liquid pigment concentrates. These pigments are suitable for demanding colourant applications including architectural paints, industrial coatings, rubber and plastics products, textile finishes, building materials and ceramics.


    CATHAY INDUSTRIES offers a range of high-quality Thermostable Colour Pigments under the brand name CATHAYTHERM. They are ideal for a wide range of high-temperature applications from 200°C and higher.

    Applications include:

    • Masterbatch
    • Thermal Plastic
    • Powder Coating
    • Coil Coating
    • High-Bake Temperature Industrial Finishes
    • Military Coating
    • Speciality Coating

    CATHAYTHERM pigments are highly micronized to offer easy dispersion with high speed impeller milling equipment or single & twin-screw extruders.


    CATHAYPURE pigments have been developed specifically for high-purity applications in the food, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics industries. In order to respond to different purity requirements, CATHAYPURE is differentiated into two series:

    • Z-Grade – made through a specialised process assuring the lowest level of heavy metals contents, these pigments offer the highest purity available.
    • E-Grade – designed for animal feed, pet food, and general food packaging

    FERROTINT synthetic iron oxide powdered pigments are designed for construction-grade applications, adding vibrant colours to concrete, asphalt, bricks, blocks, paving, grout, mortar, roof, wall and floor tiles. They are UV Stable, Weather Resistant, Non-toxic, Insoluble in water, have Good Dispersibility and are Alkali and Weak Acid Stable.


    CATHAYGRAN pigments are quality micro-granulated with a new generation of spray-drying technology. Pigments are practically dust-free, offering optimal flow properties as well as enhanced dispersion capabilities for a better processability. Granules are easy to dose manually or automatically in all kinds of dosing systems.

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