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  • Organic Pigments


    Cathay Industries’ classic range of organic pigments, offering the full spectrum of high performance organic colours, from azo yellows to quinacrodone violets, for a broad range of end-use applications.

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  • Inorganic Pigments


    CATHAYCOATis Cathay Industries’ flagship range of iron oxides, made for top coating and fine-quality products like paints, plastics, and paper. CATHAYCOAT is made using advanced environmentally-safe production techniques, and comes in several grades:

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  • Our Agencies

    Cathay Industries has developed partnerships with leading manufacturers of Titanium Dioxide, Cellulose, White Cement, Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement, Calcium Carbonate and additional chemical raw materials.

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Industrial Applications For Our Products

Construction & Building Industry

Cathay Industries’ range of high-quality, synthetic iron oxide pigments is suitable for a wide range of construction applications SUCH AS colour-tinted concrete to asphalt (i.e. bus lanes), masonry, brick and block manufacture, slabs, paving, grout, mortar, roof, floor and wall tiles.

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Industrial, Manufacturing & Coatings

Cathay’s high quality, high performance micronized and non-micronized iron oxide pigments are ideal for use in coatings, ink, plastic and pvc, adhesive, and textile applications.

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Food, Nutritional Supplements & Cosmetics

The food, nutritional supplements and cosmetic sectors require pigments of the highest purity. Cathay’s range of CATHAYPURE high purity iron oxides pigments have been developed to comply with the requirements of FDA and E172 regulations for cosmetics, food, nutritional supplements and other sensitive applications. CATHAYPURE far exceeds all international standards.

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Nothing is quite so evocative as colour!

Cathay Industries is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of colour pigments. Our colours touch everything, from concrete to paint, to food and drink, to makeup.

We look forward to helping you fulfil your colour needs, with top-quality products, affordable and convenient solutions, and dedicated professional staff.

To find out more, Contact us, or browse our Products: Inorganic Pigments, Organic Pigments, Our Agencies and their Applications: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing and Coating, Food, Nutritional Supplements and Cosmetics.

We’re proud to be part of your world; we’d like to welcome you to ours.

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